D-link Router Login, Setup and Reset

What is dlinkrouter.local ?

dlinkrouter.local is a default web address that can help the users to access the d-link router setup wizard in order to manage the configuration. Once a user enters this web address into the browser of the connected device, it will redirect him to the dlink router login page. You will be asked to enter the default username and password to configure the d-link router settings. The ip address or can also redirect you to the d-link router configuration page. To avoid issues while attempting d-link wireless router setup, you should follow the instructions carefully. D-link Router Setup

You are required to enter the ip address or web address dlinkrouter.local in order to set up the router. Do you know how to setup d-link router? Are you aware of dlink router login steps? For d-link router setup, you must complete the initial steps including connecting the devices together and signing into web interface of the router. You need to make use of d-link wireless router setup password to sign into the setup wizard. In case, you are not aware of dlink router login credentials, you will not be able to access the d-link router settings.

How to Configure D-Link Router ?

To configure the d-link router, you must connect it to the internet. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully to connect the d-link router to the internet.

  1. You are required to connect the WAN port of the d-link router to the broadband modem with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  2. Next, you need to connect the LAN port of the dlink router to the computer. You can use an Ethernet cable for the connection. Or, you can use a wireless method. 
  3. For wirelessly connecting the router to computer, you need to turn on your computer. Click on the Wi-Fi option on the taskbar. Now, connect to the dlink network by entering the password. The SSID and password are written on the bottom of the device.
  4. You need to connect the power adapter to the d-link router.
  5. Open a browser and enter dlinkrouter.local into its address bar.
  6. Once you are redirected to dlink login page, complete the login steps.
  7. Click ‘Login’

D-Link Wireless Router Setup

Setting up and installing d-link router is very easy. The convenient smart setup wizard walks you through the installation and configuration process of the router. 

  1. After completing the hardware setup of the router, open a browser of your choice on the desktop computer and enter dlinkrouter.local or This will automatically redirect you to the d-link router configuration page.
  2. You will be asked to enter the d-link wireless router setup password and username. Complete the details. Click ‘Login’
  3. The d-link smart setup wizard will appear on the screen, click ‘Next’ to begin the configuration.
  4. The smart wizard will start scanning your internet connection type automatically. You can manually select your internet connection type as well.
  5. The setup wizard will ask you to select the time-zone and region.
  6. You will now be asked to change the wireless settings of the router. You need to enter the wireless network name and password. Click ‘Next’ option.
  7. A summary of all the settings will be displayed. Click ‘Save’
  8. The d-link router will now reboot to save the changes.

Forgot my d-link router password

In case, you are unable to recall d-link router password, you can reset your router to its default settings. d’link router reset will re-configure all the configuration of the router. The changed settings will reset to the factory default. You need to press down the reset button with the help of a keen object such as- pin for a few seconds. Once the LED of the d-link router starts flashing release the button. The d-link router reset is now completed. Now, you can access the d-link admin page to change the default password of the router.

D-Link Router Password Change

To change the dlink router admin password, follow the steps:

  • Sign into d-link wireless router setup wizard by using ip address.
  • Enter the d-link router login credentials and click on the ‘Login’ tab.
  • Navigate to the ‘Administration’ tab and change the d-link router admin password.

To change the dlink router wifi password, follow the steps:

  • Sign into d-link admin page using the admin password and username.
  • Navigate to the ‘Wireless’ tab.
  • Assign a new network password.
  • You can change the wireless network name (SSID)
  • Click the ‘save’ option.
  • The D-Link router will now reboot.

D-link Router Firmware Update

You can improve the performance of your d-link router by updating its firmware. d-link firmware upgrade will enhance the features and security of the router. It can remove all the bugs and can also resolve d-link router no connection issue.

  1. You can begin by downloading the latest firmware file from the d-link support website.
  2. Use your favorite browser to log into d-link router setup page.
  3. Complete the dlink router login details.
  4. Proceed to the ‘Admin’ tab and click on the ‘firmware update’ option.
  5. You need to click on the ‘Browse’ option.
  6. Upload the downloaded file. 
  7. Wait for the d-link firmware upgrade process to be completed. 
  8. d-link router will reboot after the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to view user list on dlink network?

You need to get into d-link router settings page by typing the ip address or into the browser. Once you log into router, you can see the list of connected device’s MAC addresses. You can block the device that you wish not to connect to your network.

Why is it important to update d-link router firmware?

To enjoy the smooth and trouble-free experience, you must go for d-link router firmware update. D-link firmware upgrade will also add new security features to your router and it will remove the bugs.

How to access d-link wireless router setup page?

You can use the web address dlinkrouter.local or ip address to sign into d-link router configuration page to adjust the settings.

What to do if my d-link router not working?

If your d-link is not working due to any reason, you can simply reset the router to its default settings by pressing the reset button with the help of a pin. This will resolve d-link router setup issues.

What are the default login credentials of d-link router?

The default username is ‘admin’ and the default password is ‘admin’ as well. Use these default login credentials to access the d-link router settings page.